Student Information

UNLV Department of Teaching & Learning requires that students have direct experiences with educational research. These experiences are a part of the following courses: EDU 214E, EDU 214S, CIT601, and CIT602.

If you are looking for studies associated with other courses (e.g., EPY) this is NOT the correct website.


What are the credit requirements?
All students who take these courses are required to earn a minimum of 3 research credits per course.

Is the research requirement mandatory.
Yes the research requirement is mandatory for everyone in EDU 214E, EDU 214S, CIT601, and CIT602. If you do not complete the 3-credits, your course grade will be reduced by a letter grade.

How are credits earned?
Credits are earned by participating in online or face to face research studies, writing summaries of approved articles, or any combination. Unfortunately, due to ethical concerns, if you are under 18 years of age you may not participate in online or face to face research studies. Instead, you will have to complete article summaries.

When are research credits due?
Credits are due by 12 PM on Friday of the last week of classes NOT Final Exam Week. Any credit disputes must also be resolved by that same day.

How to register for research?
1. Go

2. Click the Request Account and fill out the form.

3. Once approved you can begin participating in experiments and/or completing article summaries

What happens if no experiments are available?
Unfortunately some times experiments fill up or are completed during the semester. If this happens and you have not completed your required credits then you MUST complete the appropriate number of article summaries.

What should I know about the experiments?
• Experiments vary in the number of research credits awarded (0.5 – 3 credits)
• All experiment information is kept confidential
• Online experiments can be accessed through the SONA System
• You are required to give at least 24 hours notice to cancel
• Cancelation is done in SONA Systems or by contacting the experimenter directly
• Appointments are easier to obtain at the beginning of the semester than at the end

What should I know about the article summaries
• Each satisfactory article summary is worth 1 research credit
• Summaries submitted at the deadline that are unsatisfactory will not be permitted to be re-submitted after the deadline
• Only summaries of approved articles receive credit.

Where is the list of approved articles?
A list of approved articles can be found here (PDF format)

What are the steps to complete an article summary?
Summary directions can be found here (PDF format)