Instructor Information

UNLV Department of Teaching & Learning requires that students have direct experiences with educational research. These experiences are apart of the following courses: EDU 202, EDU 214E, EDU 214S, CIT601, and CIT602.


Participation Requirement:
The research requirement is mandatory for everyone in EDU 202, EDU 214E, EDU 214S, CIT601, and CIT602. If they do not complete the 3-credits, the course grade is reduced by a letter grade.

3 credits are required for EDU202, EDU 214E, EDU 214S, CIT601, and CIT602. Instructors can offer bonus points if students complete additional credits. Experiments will vary in the number of credits offered (0.5 – 3 credits), but the article summaries are worth 1 credit each (students can do a combination of experiments and summaries). Students under the age of 18 cannot participate in experiments and can only complete article summaries.

Your Role:
Inform students of the requirement and post the link to this website in  WebCampus. Please remind students of the requirement and inform them that it is very difficult to find open appointments toward the end of the semester.

Participant Coordinator Role:
During the last week of the semester, the Participant Pool Coordinator will provide you with a list of credits for your students – please inform your students right away so that they can resolve any discrepancies or errors.

What Students Must Do:
To earn subject pool credits, ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER ON SONA SYSTEMS. This is important because we use this to track the students’ credits. Please encourage them to do this early in the semester.

Study Availability:
Study availability is based on IRB requirements, researcher needs, and start and stop times of each study. If there are no studies available, it is the students responsibility to complete article summaries.

Check the Subject Pool website for study deadlines. Credits are due by 12 PM on Friday of the last week of classes NOT Final Exam Week. Any credit disputes must also be resolved by that same day.